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Yijun – Autumn sunshine


photographer and photoeditor




fashion, model, outdoor, Chinese model

Yijun and Yao from Shanghai were my Couchsurfing guests for one night. Especially Yijun was interested in my beeing my model for a spontanious photoshooting. As it was a perfect day with around 20 degrees.

We prepared her as a model and I gave her some fashion from my huge collection. She did a great job for not having any experience as a model before. Yao was my perfect assistant and helped me a lot. Thanks a lot for that special and creative moment.

Now the analog pictures taken with the Minolta Dynax 7 are following.

The last analog picture was taken with the Canon EF was taken in Bern on a sightseeing trip. In the background you can also see Yao my assistent from the fashion shooting.