Lutz Bergemann - Photography

Swiss Carcolours Surreal


Photographer, Photoeditor




photography, outdoor, macro, abstraction, old cars

I often try to invent something new and find a new and different look on ordinary or often photographed scenes. One of these results was my work on the car cemetery in Kaufdorf, Switzerland. I tried to find interesting details and structures on these old cars. I played around with colours und structures.

The result is what you can see in my photo-serie “Swiss Carcolors Surreal 2010”. The results look like modern surrealistic paintings where you sometimes don’t even know what the object was. The viewer’s fantasy creates always different images. That’s what fascinated me.

I exposed this series in 2010 in Münsingen/Switzerland and Strasbourg/France 2011 and received really many interesting feedbacks. It was the first exposure I made and it animated me to go ahead with photography.