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Sephora – Red scarf & champagne


Photographer, Photoediting, Videoediting


July 2011


photography, fashion, indoor, asian model, sensual

This is a small part of a series of photos I created with Sephora on a bed with a red scarf. We both prepared her many hours before (make-up, nail-painting, hair). When we finally started she was totally motivated to begin with the shooting. She putted on the black body, a black short und used that red rose’s scarf.

Then she asked to get a glass of champagne and she started to play around with it. These shots are really hot and sensual. Love them all.

On the same day we also created the Porsche sessions and some others which are not shown here.

Still video 1 from the “Red scarf session & champagne”

Still video 2 from the “Red scarf session& champagne”