Lutz Bergemann - Photography

Sephora – Glamour at Neuchâtel II


photographer & photoeditor


June 2011


Mode Dubach and Shava Creation from Münsingen (CH)


photography, fashion, photoediting, model

This is only a very small part of the second shooting which Sephora and I had two days after the first one. As we both had seen the results of the first shooting, we were totally happy and astonished with the results. In reality we both couldn’t even sleep and thought about a possibility to make another shooting as soon as possible.

She wore some hair extensions and had a nice make-up made by her girlfriend Juliana.

We tried out different old style locations in Neuchâtel playing around with some nice High Heels and the accessoires I were rented from Mode Dubach and Shava Creation in Münsingen/Switzerland.

I really love shooting with Sephora. We had such a harmony, creativity and fun in that shooting. Just magic!