Lutz Bergemann - Photography


Hotel & Pool


photographer & photoeditor


April 2012


model-shooting, photography, fashion, portrait, indoor, hotel, pool, water, roses

Oksana is a beautiful lady. Half Russian and half german. She came originally from Kazachstan to Germany. I had two very nice shootings with her in Weil am Rhein (Germany).

I met her in Wahid’s “La Diva – Style and Fashion” shop in Weil am Rhein when I was buying some stuff like High Heels and dresses for another shooting.

As she knew from her chief Wahid that I was a photographer she asked me if she could have a shooting with me. I said for sure why not. The first time we did one outdoor shooting in march 2012. It was a sunny day but still cold outside. We also had a small session at the Vitra Design House.

She was really brave to try out even some summer dresses.

This page shows results from a shooting we had in April 2012 at a Hotel in St. Louis in France. We experimented with different fashion styles, High Heels and had a session at the hotel pool. It way a lot of fun for both and a really relaxed atmosphere.